Mathieu Guglielmino

Full-stack Data Scientist

Hi, I'm Mathieu Guglielmino! I'm currently a consulting Data Scientist at Lincoln. I have an expertise in data analysis, ML, web dev, and data storytelling.

  • Data science

    I like to play with numbers. They're like maps. When you find your way around them, they can lead to unexpected wonders.

  • Visual Analytics

    But numbers by themselves are hard to get by. Fortunately, today we can talk to the data through interactive visual representations. I approach the visualization of complex data through user-centric design.

  • Storytelling

    It's time to share your findings, but everyone's bored? Well, there are ways to make any story interesting, whether it be a book, a movie, or an interactive article. I love telling stories in innovative ways, using storytelling frameworks such as the hero's journey or modern scrollytelling techniques.